A Fairness Manifesto

Considering the loss of jobs, foreclosures and many other serious problems facing our country, I am astonished at the expenditure of energy squabbling over the size of soda containers.

A Fairness Manifesto


Gary Beck

          Capitalism, though less tyrannical than fascism or communism, is nevertheless an unmitigated enemy of democracy. The system that allows millions to do without, and the few to feast in the lap of luxury, does not serve the people. Unlike the role of a traditional aristocracy, vaunting superiority over the mass of citizens, in America the majority of citizens have been deluded into believing they are as good as anyone else. This is further enhanced by the hirelings of the lords ofAmerica, funded to gain elective office to serve their masters, while convincing the public that they represent them, not the special interests that spend millions to elect cooperative law makers.

             One element of the success of capitalism is that unlike fascism or communism, the illusion of personal liberty is promulgated. Another device is the trickle down effect allowing middle class prosperity, and lower class access to credit for the acquisition of goods, at periodic intervals . When economic security, comfort and conveniences are abruptly removed, in what appears to be managed cycles of recession and depression, the public is manipulated into blaming one political party for the disruption, electing another to improve conditions. Yet each major party, despite alleged differences, are financed by the same funders who decide the policies of the nation, regardless of disastrous consequences to so many of our citizens.

   The determination of the future of a society by an oligarchy of limited ability, besides the accumulation of capital, is an affront to the American ideals that millions have given their lives for, and to even more millions who were promised the precious commodity of hope. Were the owners ofAmericabenevolent, they would permit health care for a needy and deserving population, rather than enriching the insurance companies who have arrogated to themselves the determination of medical treatment. They would replace the outdated public education system, designed to create factory workers for factories that no longer exist, and prepare our children for a meaningful place in the future, currently only assured to the offspring of privilege, select athletes and a token number of the meritorious.

    The list of debilitating problems confronting our nation is vast. Yet there should be no indictment of those who have more than others. That is an historical human condition. There have always been those who amass wealth, while the masses struggle to survive. The complaint should be lodged against those who have so much, yet will not contribute a fair share for the benefit of the majority. It can never be morally right inAmericathat someone who has five Picasso’s and three mega-yachts pays much less of a percentage in taxes, then a working mother with children, who pays twice the percentage in taxes. Our system is even more corrupt than ancientRome, where class distinction was endemic, since our society deceives with lofty ideals of the constitution, limited to the benefit of the few. The constitution is suspended for a single mother with children living in a homeless shelter. Here we feed the hungry on myths of equality. As long as the owners of America sate us with television entertainment in the isolation of our homes, at least the homes they allow us to keep, and allot some of us basic subsistence, they will continue to direct our existence to our long term disadvantage.

             There is little to be gained in resorting to revolution to overthrow the capitalist system. As a people, we lack the wisdom and moral force to create a better system. Rather than besieging the gates of the wealthy to punish them for their economic oppression, which motivates the system to defend itself against irresponsible forces, we must find a practical method to compel the oligarchs to permit a fair share to all citizens. All Americans should have the opportunity through education and effort to better their lives. A new political entity, ‘The Fairness Party’, dedicated to abating the selfish tyranny of excessive wealth, should be founded. The members first commitment will be to request legislation that allows a fair chance for all to participate in the American dream.



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