Thoughts on the Nature of Social Distraction

            Hide the cigarettes! After all, temptation can not be resisted, once we espy the glittering packets of allurement, leading to deleterious consumption.

And while we react to another dicta from a mayor vitally concerned with our well-being, 20,000 homeless children are suffering in the homeless system, through no fault of their own. They are the innocent victims of their parent’s problems.

But they are hidden away from public scrutiny and officialdom doesn’t care about their fate. Some of them, if properly nurtured, could enrich our struggling society with their talent. Forget them though. It’s too complex, too difficult to solve their problems. So hide them away.

Make us think about hiding cigarettes. That’s easy. Some will go along. Some will object. After all, public debate is good. Except when it conceals violations of the rights of life, liberty  and the pursuit of happiness.

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