Review of ‘Dawn in Cities’, by Atlantean Publishing – DJ Tyrer

 This is a varied collection of poems from the pen of a top poet, whose Iraq Monologues is currently available from Atlantean Publishing. They vary in length and style, with some rhyming, others not, and some being prose poems, united by a theme of cities. All the poems were extremely good, but those that I particularly liked were ‘Decline’ (“I left a town of wood and brick / and reached a tortured city, / heart of steel / soul of glass”), ‘Conflict’ (“Long night’s tide drifting shoreward. Sea muse chanting / of the eternal dawn”), ‘Visions of New York City(“The wind blows down chimneys / an animal howl / serenading an old crone’s dreams”), ‘Thoughts of New York City (“So many sirens proclaiming disasters”), ‘Unkind City’ (“City of strangers, a patient trap / for vagrants on this earthly map”) and ‘Emergency’ (“the buildings rise in angry bruises, / beaten by night’s thick skin”). It is available as both a paperback and as an e-book. Highly recommended. – DJ Tyrer, Atlantean Publishing

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