A Review of my poetry collection, Virtual Living, by the distinguished writer Tom Sheehan

Here, in Gary Beck’s plotting of poetry, Virtual Living, his modern look at current living modes and methods that come to flood our life lines, each page with its uniform layout. It has newspaper headlines, a drawing-up of concrete structures, concrete living, concrete beliefs that broadcast the stilted, clinical life about us, the life that lies ahead for those of us unable to feel emotion, use it, embrace it with open arms.

Heed the alert. Be sure to see what is conveniently planned, projected, placed about us with stifling cement block structures.

Hear me: hear his words: hear what he places between the lines, neat asides for your discovery. Believe they are coming, what he declares them to bring if there’s no emotion, the mind broken from impairment, broken from place, free to feel the edges all the way around.

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