Perturbations Review

Perturbations Review – Sam Rose (Peeking Cat Poetry Magazine) Iss 33

Perturbations is the latest offering from New York poet Gary Beck. This full-length poetry collection covers a range of topics, from themes of patriotism in “Pledge” to memory and the passing of time in “Retrieved Moments”. Love, loss, nature and freedom are just a few of the themes you’ll find in this book, and there are a few rhyming pieces in the collection, too, which I found rather pleasing.

Personally preferring the softer and most emotive, “Shock” is one of my favourites. Here’s just part of it:

I say one final word
then we part
and sagging from sorrow,
though part we must,
I walk the hurricane night
unable to touch anyone,
unable to find rest.

You’re likely to find something that speaks to you in this collection, whether it’s an empathetic story of sadness, or poignant social commentary. You may have read more of the latter from Gary Beck in his previous work, such as his collection Fault Lines, which we reviewed in Peeking Cat Poetry Magazine Issue 22 in February 2017. However, Perturbations offers more personal, touching poems about love, lust, relationships and sorrow, making this quite a diverse collection.

Perturbations by Gary Beck is available in paperback through all major retailers, and on Kindle. Find out more about Gary at

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