Fractional Disorder Review by LB Sedlacek

Fractional Disorder Review by LB Sedlacek


The mechanics of existence fall into these

frank but rich poems in this new collection

by Beck.  He has a marvelous ear for

verse, layers of meaning behind each one.

There is a clear sense of emotion combined

with a sensitive ear for language. 


From his poem “Borders”:

“I crossed the Rio Grande / late one night /

escorted by the coyote / who wanted my

body / as much as my money.”

Lines like those tear at your soul, heart,

and seep into your brain. He’s not afraid

to write what everyone may be thinking

but not saying out loud.


From his poem “Tendencies”:

“First factories went abroad / then jobs

followed, / capitalists / only concerned

with profit, / luxurious life, / forget the

toilers / who do the labor / that keep

things running.”  Beck puts it out there

in his poems, each page a glimpse into

his world view, and maybe yours too.

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