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Flawed Connections to be published

My novel, Flawed Connections, will be published in June by Black Rose Writing.

Flawed Connections cover

Ted is the son of former anti-Vietnam war activists. Philippe is the son of a French mother and a former South Vietnamese General. Kevin is the son of old money parents. Lys is disowned by her parents for being a lesbian. The friends are bored in their sophomore year at Yale and leave school to start a computer game business. A great deal of start-up money allows them to enjoy luxuries while developing the first game. Their combat game series attracts thousands of gamers and quickly makes big money. They invest in the stock market and in a golf club in Myrtle Beach, and are just getting used to an extravagant lifestyle when disaster strikes.


Philippe is critically injured in a suspicious hit and run accident and remains in a coma. Kevin becomes involved with a manipulative woman intent on exploiting him. Lys is distracted by a lesbian affair. Ted, after several big winners, can’t come up with a new game. One thing after another goes wrong, starting with Philippe’s death, Kevin getting married and abandoning Ted and Lys, who then run out of funds to keep the business going. Ted and Lys give up their office in the World Trade Center and go their own ways.


Lys gets involved in a lesbian love affair that includes drugs and physical abuse. Ted, feeling guilty about they way they parted, discovers she is in danger and rescues her. He brings her to his grandfather’s house and despite having lost almost everything, they resolve to start again and face the future together.