Thoughts on Servants of the People

Thoughts on Servants of the People

The media tell us Congress is dysfunctional. Many of us accept that as an explanation of why the troubles of our nation increase.

But the reality is alarming. Congress is not dysfunctional. The hirelings of special interests are toiling away, diligently, for the benefit of those who paid for their election to national office.

When it costs 30-60 million dollars to buy a Senate seat, 1-5 million dollars to buy a House seat, careerist politicians are beholden to their funders for their current office and future aspirations.

Although our elected officials have sworn an oath to serve the nation, their obligations to their funder’s interests come before the needs of the people.

It cost half a billion dollars to re-elect President Obama. Consequently it is naive to expect him to assail those disrupting our economy to the detriment of the middle class and working poor, as well as bringing long term harm to the nation. The president is also obliged to special interests.

It is our loss and his diminishment that the President of the United States can not protect the voting public who elected him, millions of whom have lost jobs, homes, while the wealthy flourish.

Our education expands as we learn about the fiscal cliff, Sequestration, other economic esoterica. What new creative afflictions await us? Only the Roman Senate and the Russian Politburo were less concerned with the needs of the people. Is it conceivable that we can elect leaders not beholden to special interests, before we collapse from moral decay and privileged corruption?

Throughout history, empires and nations have collapsed or dwindled, shattering the lives and hopes of their peoples. If the wealthy cannot change some of their destructive ways, we too will become a forgotten people.

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