Contusions Review – Jim Bennett (KBR)

Five stars

Let’s get to the good stuff: 97 poems. These poems cover a lot of ground – the human condition. Beck’s range here is enormous. Expect to be surprised. I realized on re-reading how large Beck’s scope is in this work.

For a start, turn to Ode to the Passage of Time. In this short poem, Beck speaks for all of us.

In Health Problems, Beck visits an experience we’ve all had: too much waiting.

For cynicism, turn to Media Face, where our gullibility with politicians is mocked.

Patriotism? Turn to Ode to Neil Armstrong. When did the USA give up on space?

Life? turn to Hidden Treasure.

Social commentary? turn to A NIght Out.

Foreign policy? Turn to Policy Shift. It turns out the US’s main fault is being visible.

Art? turn to Applied Art.

Social commentary? Turn to Cleanliness Bias, where the rich are clean (of course).

Finally, turn to Policy Issues. It’s easy to make other peoples hate us. 

This is a fine work by a fine poet. Five stars is an easy decision.

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