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Transitions Review – LB Sedlacek (The Poetry Market Ezine)

Gary Beck’s poems in this collection leave lasting impressions.  His work succeeds in finding readers without effort. He jumps from moment to moment in each poem opening doors into his author’s view like window shopping.

In the poem “Non-Choice,” he eloquently illustrates the toils and troubles of a necessity of a job needed to live comparing it to life on the street.  In “Vector,” he likens culture to “plague” and in “Age Old Story” he delves into a political view of the “disadvantaged.”  “After effect” addresses

the electronic age of social media an electronics takeover.  While “Sales Allure” will set you straight about retail therapy. “Dangers of the Road” pinpoints device addition with the lines:  “enrapt in texting / walking well-trod paths / oblivious to hazard.”

His poems aren’t just trite words on the page – each one has something in it that will resonate.  The beauty of poetry is that you can get a lot across in as few or as many lines as you want.  Beck crafts his poems with a vision that is personal but informed. He engages everything from tourists to climate change to storms and more – all of it powerful words packing a punch.


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